What is my IP Address on Unix/Linux Like Systems

What is my IP Address on Unix/Linux Like Systems post thumbnail image

As Linux is the most popular operating system for servers, it is most important to know how to work on Linux operating system. In case you need to find IP address information on any other operating system you can following an of the following links:

For finding public IP address on Linux using Web Browser in GUI please refer section “Get Public IP address in Windows Through Browser“. Being a very good Command Line interface and GNOME is one of the most popular GUI environment in Linux system we can check for:

Getting IP address using GNOME Desktop

Login into GNOME desktop and click on System Tray -> Settings:

Note: On clicking ‘Settings’ you may have to authenticate yourself by providing logged in user password

Under section ‘Network‘ click on the network interface through which internet is connected and click on the gear icon.

This will show the information about the network interface which include the IP address information:

Check IP address in Command Line/Terminal

As Unix like systems are command centric systems it is easier to find IP address related information using command line in Linux. We need to run different command to find public and private ip addresses:

Commands to find Public IP address

Many websites on internet provide services to resolve the public IP address of the machine or network:

  1. Open Terminal and run following command:
curl https://ifconfig.me

Other website which can directly give ip address on http request are:

curl icanhazip.com
curl checkip.dyndns.org
curl ident.me

Other way is to use public DNS server which provide such services:

host myip.opendns.com resolver1.opendns.com

Commands to find Private IP Address

The most basic command to find the network related information on linux system is:


This stands for interface (network) configuration. So, we run the command with -a parameter to find IP Address information of all interface connected to system.

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