Comprehensive Guide to Know Your IP Address

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In current times everyone is connected to internet through one device or another. Even if one don’t know some way or the other the devices he or she is using is connected to the internet. Many times it get’s necessary to know the IP (Internet Protocol) address allocated to the device we are using for network troubleshooting and other purposes. So this post will let you know your IP address. You can click on following button and links to reach your desired section of the post, faster.


Using Windows GUI Interface:

You may want to find follwoing type of info on IP address:

Get Public IP address in Windows through Browser:

It is easier to find public ip address using search engine : (1) Open Search Engine on Browser and (2) Search “What is my IP address?”, and search engines are smart that it can find your address:

Note: Public IP address partially masked for security reasons

But this may not be what we are expecting when we are search for an IP Address. Maybe Search engine can’t understand what we really require. Search engine told us a big public address which is IPv6 and our PC is recognised by this address over internet. Now to find our actual result, let’s (3) click on some of the search results and we can find our public IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Note: Public IP address masked for security reasons

If you want to know your public IP Address your search end here but in many scenarios we don’t require our public IP Address. We may require IP Address associated with some specific network interface. Now we want to find our IP Address on our local device for specific interface on our device. The method to find your IP Address differs on different system based on the operating system they are using. Please click on below links to select your correct operating system.

Get local IP address using Windows settings:

Simplest way would be:

1. Right Click on your network/WiFi symbol in “System Tray” and click “Go To Settings”.

2. Under “Network & Internet > WiFi” click on “Hardware Properties”

3. You can see both IPv6 and IPv4 addresses assigned to your machine here.

Note: Personal Internet settings masked

Using Command Line (CMD)

Through command prompt we can find both Public and Local IP addresses:

Find Public IP address through Windows command prompt

To find your public IP one need to connect to external resolver. DNS and reverse DNS servers are used to resolve IP addresses and hostnames to we may use one of them to know own IP we will resolve the host

  1. In Start Menu type cmd and click “Command Prompt.”
  2. Run following command:

Find Local IP address through Windows command prompt

To know all IP addresses associated with your machine locally:

  1. In Start Menu type cmd and click “Command Prompt.”
  2. Run following command:

Using Windows PowerShell

In PowerShell also there are ways to find both Private and Public IP addresses:

Find Private IP Address on Windows Powershell

It is easier to get the IP address programmatically in a variable through PowerShell then in command prompt. So, for getting IP address one can run following in PowerShell.

1. Open Start Menu and type Powershell and click “Windows PowserShell”

2. Run following command:


The above command Get-NetIPConfiguration only provide IPv4Address and this may not be very useful if IPv6Addrss required so for that can one can use following command:


This command gives a long list of network interfaces and their state. We can filter out our required data. For example as I am connect to “Wi-Fi” so I want to know my local IPv4 and IPv6 address of “Wi-Fi” interface. I can modify this command to run like below to get IPv6 address:

 Get-NetIPAddress | Where-Object {$_.InterfaceAlias -eq "Wi-Fi" -and $_.AddressFamily -eq "IPv6"}

We can get IPv4 address in a PowerShell variable through following command line:

$IPv4Address = (Get-NetIPAddress | Where-Object {$_.InterfaceAlias -eq "Wi-Fi" -and $_.AddressFamily -eq "IPv4"}).IPAddress

Get Public IP Address in PowerShell

There are many public services available which can be accessed by PowerShell to get public IP address some of which are as follows:


Many other public websites provide such information which can be fetched by Invoke-WebRequest method in PowerShell, like:


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